West Bengal HS Exam QCAB Question Pattern & Model Question Paper Download

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) published a new notification regarding Question Cum Answer Booklet (QCAB) from Higher Secondary Examination 2020. The Council is going to introduce a new Question Paper cum Answer Booklet (QCAB) for the HS examinees 2020. In this system, separate Question Paper and Answer Booklet will not be provided by the Descriptive type questions (Part-A).

MCQ, SAQ and the Descriptive type questions will be provided together in the QCAB (Questions Paper cum Answer Booklet). Students cannot ask for the extra loose sheet paper at the time of Examination.

There will be specific word limit and blank space for the answer will be available on the QCAB. West Bengal Higher Secondary Council started this new question paper pattern from this year.

MCQ and SAQ questions on the HS question paper will be available with answer box and space for the answer.

Some additional pages are available at the end of the Question Booklet, if the students want, they can use for answers these additional pages by mentioning the question number and page number.

There will be provision for loose sheets to be distributed in the extreme conditions only. The question paper will be published in three languages.

Advantages of QCAB System on WB HS Exam

According to the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, the following advantages will be taken after implementing Question cum Answer Booklet system on HS Examination.

  1. The opportunity of cheating in the examination hall will be minimised.
  2. There will be no chances of taking images of the Question Papers through any electronic Devices.
  3. The students cannot carry the question paper out of the exam hall after the examination as there will be no separate question paper.
  4. There will be no chances of missing any part of the answer sheet (Part-A & Part-B) at the time of collection the answer sheets.
  5. The process of distribution and collection of the QCAB will be easier now.
  6. The process of marks distribution and evaluation will be more easier for the examiner.
  7. The students will be encouraged to be specific about writing the answer without unnecessary elaboration.
  8. Students will get an exposure to the format followed in the examinations conducted at National level and different competitive examinations.

QCAB System for the HS 2020 Students

Students who will seat for Higher Secondary 2020 exam, will be the first batch, who will write their HS exam on QCAB System. They must have to know some important information about Question cum Answer Booklet (QCAB) system on the WBCHSE HS exam.

  1. The word limit will be mentioned strictly, which will be mentioned on the Question-Answer Booklet.
  2. In case, the word limit is not specified against any particular question and in case of numerical problems in any subject the student should try to complete the answer within the space provided.
  3. It may be noted that, being unnecessarily elaborate in writing answers is not at all encouraged by the Council.
  4. If the students fail to complete any answer in the specified space additional space provided at the end of QCAB.

Word Limits and Question Weightage

The prescribed word limit of the answers against allotted marks for a certain question is given below. This is being published as a guide to the students and subject teachers and there might be a minimal variation in certain cases.

This variation may apply in certain questions based on the subject-matter and in certain language subjects like Bengali, English and in some other subjects. The basic word limit for West Bengal Higher Secondary Exam for each question are mentioned below.

Question Weightage Word Limit
4 80
5 100
6 120
7 or 8 150
10 200
15 300

WB HS QCAB Model Question Paper Download

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education published a model question paper with QCAB System. You can download this question paper and try to understand the question paper pattern.

Download WBCHSE HS Model Question Paper with QCAB System - Click Here

We hope this post will help you to learn clearly about new Question Paper Booklet System in West Bengal Higher Secondary exam. Join with us and ask you queries.

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